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Textiles and Fabrics Trading

Al Saggaf International Group has a long and proud history of being the leaders in the sector of Textiles and Fabrics Trading. Partnering with global leaders and names in this sector, we import and export across the globe with fine textiles of different purposes.

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Franchising Advisory Services

Major players in the global market are always bound to expand from their local or regional scale, to reach global standing, thus expanding their target market appropriate through franchising their methodologies, products, and services through adamant partnerships with corporate franchisees.

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Investment Consultancy Services

Our wealth of experience in economies and markets throughout the world is at your disposal. Our consultants are composed of skilled advisors who can provide you with top-notch services in market insights as well as trending and winning stocks and bonds, making your win a sure thing.

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About Us

Al Saggaf International Group was established in 1965 and started with textiles trading and export. It later grew to a fully-fledged group of companies with a range of services that expand throughout several activities, from franchising to consultancy services, real estate development, and hospitality management.

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