Why choose us?

With experience in the real estate and investments sectors that expands for more than 20 years, Al Saggaf International Trading Group has aggregated an impressive set of investment and real estate portfolios. What makes us unique is our focus and keen eye on the growing opportunities in Jeddah city. Since then, our name in the business arena has grown immensely through building lasting trust with partners and clients.


We have a great vision to bring about great investment opportunities based on sustainable business development.

Rich History

The Al Saggaf family has been a prominent player in the real estate and investments arena.

Strategic Investment Plans

Our investment specialists have a keenness on creating promising investment plans with 100% success rates.

Real Estate Development

Based on growing markets, Al Saggaf International Group tends to play a vital role in serving the real estate market to the greatest extent.

International Standards

Al Saggaf International Group plans to become a leading player in the global arena to create strategic partnerships in different market sectors.

Why Us?

Because of our sound reputation in being a trustworthy partner, Al Saggaf International Group is focused on being a reliable source of cooperation and trust, prompting to be a partner over the long run to all clients and partners.

With us, you are in good hands.


Through our experience and great set of skills, we tactically plan matters to sustain continuous growth and promising results through the long run. Our expert thinking methods have proven to be ones that yielded great opportunities and unlimited ideas to the market. Thus, our strategic outlook into business has provided a set of great chances and ideas to the community on a national level and to great business scales.

Throughout the years of operation through a well-maintained family business, as well as a rich tradition that values fair trade and business integrity, Al Saggaf International Group has a proven record of businesses and activities that connect national, regional, as well as international alliances and partnerships. Because of the common ground in ideas and business ventures, our international partners have had a great impact our our business and our way of working. This has resulted in our adoption to international standards in partnerships and have alleviated the way we see things on ground.

We Offer

Real Estate Consultancy

Through our strategic planning and long-term vision, we can offer you turn-key consultations and recommendations to cover your real estate ventures. Because of our years of experience in the real estate markets, and our keen eye on growing opportunities, we can help you widen your scopes in real estate construction, investments, and development.

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Textile Trade

Al Saggaf Textiles Trading has established a ground-breaking foundation in the garments and textiles industry, earining it a premium standing among textiles and fabrics traders in both the Kingdom, as well as throughout the Region.

Having been trading in the textiles trade for more than 50 years, Al Saggaf Textiles Trading is a prime agent of globally-acclaimed textile brands such as Versace, TEBRA, Valentino, Warde, and many other illustrious names in the textiles and fabrics world.


Our showrooms welcome you every day during business hours in order to showcase our wide selection of prime textiles and fabrics of various colors, materials, and designs that establish an eye-catching element to your wardrobe and house textiles and fabrics styles, coping with the modern age, and creating a warm appearance to your homes.


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Investments Consultancy

Having more than 15 years in the investments, stocks and bonds circulation markets, Al Saggaf International Group provides its investers with a wide array of services that include, but not limited to, consultations on stocks and bonds indeces, selling and buying, FOREX markets, as well as other relevant materials.

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Our Partners

About Us

For more than 40 years in the Saudi and Regional markets, we have been the leading-edge in textiles and fabrics trading business, to which we expanded our skills and operations towards the real estate market, acquiring and building real estates projects and providing consultancies in IT, Marketing, Architecture, and Interios Design, as well as other Turn-Key Solutions.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 250169, Madinah Al Munawwarah Rd.,
Muhammadiah Plaza Center, Jeddah, KSA
+(966) 12 652 5775
+(966) 12 652 5775
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